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Yes, I know it's an Ice type, but why is it so low? How can I get the Soothe Bell for it?

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What game? This is so we know how to obtain the Soothe Bell.ay

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Glaceon and Leafeon's base friendship are 35 because of GameFreak Logic. You can obtain the Soothe Bell these ways:

  • Slateport City (RSE/OrAs)
  • Pokemon Tower (FRLG)
  • Eterna Forest, Pokemon Mansion (DPPt)
  • National Park (HgSs)
  • Nimbasa City (Bw/Bw2)
  • Shalour City (XY)
  • Route 3 (SM/USUM)
  • Hammerlocke (SwSh)
  • Old Cemetery (CT)

In SM/UsUm, you can buy them at Royal Avenue.
They are also obtainable on occasion through events.


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Glaceon and Leafeon wasn't introduced in RSE and FRLG. They started to introduce in DP.
Im aware. I provided all the obtainable Soothe Bell locations regardless. No reason to exclude them if I'm giving a list
What does CT stand for I know that's alola lol
Crown Tundra.
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Sword: Any who become captivated by the beauty of the snowfall that Glaceon creates will be frozen before they know it.

As we can see from it's pokedex entry, it isn't caring or loving towards humans and doesn't hesitate to harm people. It, thus, takes time to understand and love it's trainer.
Soothe bell locations
ORAS : slateport city, Pokémon club
D/P : Pokémon mansion
Pt : eterna forest
HG/SS : national park
B, B2/ W,W2: nimbasa city
X/Y : shalour city
S/M or US/UM : route 3

Hope this helps.
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Where's the location of Soothe Bell, though?
Umbreon and Leafeon also have low base friendship, and their Pokedex entries don't say that they're heartless.
@swastik, sorry I didn't read that. I'll edit now, thanks.
@sumwun I just mean to say that it isn't human loving or caring. Anyway I'll make it clear thanks.