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Can you pass on the personalities from a pokemon to the one that hatches from its egg? For exsample, pass on from dad to son the sturdy body personality.

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But you can enhance a nature by giving mother or Ditto Everstone. In D/P/Pt, a stat is enhanced by a random parent itself, so no items are needed. In HG/SS, by giving parent(s) hold, eg. Power Lens for Sp.Att and others. If these are holding both parents, a random stat will increased.

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No, it is impossible to breed and pass down genetic abilities. The ability that is generated for the offspring is random, and nothing in the game can change the odds of the abilities.

Think of it like this, if you were able to pass abilities through Breeding:

Shedinja and Voltorb are both from the Mineral Egg Group, so they are cabable of breeding. You breed them together. Shedinja's the father, Voltorb's the mother. Your possible result is an offspring Voltorb with the ability Wonder Guard.

Shedinja has five weaknesses (fire, rock, ghost, Dark, and Flying.), whereas Voltorb only has one, which is Ground. The passing of abilities would throw game balance out of control (and make the Wi-Fi community spammed with Wonder Electrode, of course. =P).

So in conclusion, no, this is not possible. While it would be interesting, it just wouldn't turn out well, seeing as the communty would heavily abuse this feature.

EDIT: I apologize for this post going off-topic. I felt I should englighten you as to why it doesn't happen.

EDIT 2: Yeah, so I just figured out that Shedinja cannot normally breed, due to its lack of a gender. You get the point though, right? xD

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I wasn't talking about abilities.
My apologies.

"For exsample, pass on from dad to son the sturdy body personality."

This made it sound like you wanted to pass the ability, "Sturdy" among Egg groups.
I can understand that.