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I need to complete the Sinnoh dex so I can access my villa because of these stupid npcs blocking my way. I need about fifteen more mons to see before I get the national dex so is there a page that contains which trainer has a specific mon? Or basically just a list of trainers with which Pokemon they have and where they can be found all on a single page?


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Not a list of all trainers per se, but this is a list of every Pokemon in Platinum's regional dex, along with the trainers that have them and their wild locations.

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Thanks. This is exactly what I'm looking for
That page has a few errors, like saying that completing a Pokedex was required to get the national Pokedex in older games, and wild Gyarados are not in the Great Marsh. It probably still has enough information about the trainers for completing the Pokedex, though.