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My Volcarona just hit level 100, and I am having trouble deciding whether to use Fiery Dance instead of Flamethrower or vise versa.

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I'd go with fire dance, why? because of the side effect, 50% chance of gettin your special attack up will help you to take out bulkier foes and that makes volcanora one of the best (at least my favorite) special sweeper.

also, 15 + base power isnt that much , because if you get the sp attack boost, you will hit higher, and about the burn chance, flame body covers that :3

15+ It isn't that much but if you have Quiver Dance, it'll raise the Sp. Atk, but ALSO Sp. Def AND Speed. I don't know, I guess it's my opinion then.
You can use Quiver dance once, but after that, you'll be risking it using it to much. Fiery Dance will allow you to further continue boosting your Special Attack.
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Unless you already have Quiver Dance (which I suggest you have), go with Flamethrower. But if you don't, then I'd just go with Fiery Dance since it has a 50% chance to raise the Sp. Atk stat.

I agree with that ^