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I am training in victory road and my volcarona just reached level 60. She already knows flamethrower but now she wants to learn heat wave. Flamethrower has more pp but less power but heat wave has more power and less pp, could I get any suggestions? Her moves are Fly, Signal beam, Psychic, and Flamethrower(obviously).

If you have the Tm, I put overheat on mine. Good or bad?

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It has more PP and good power. Their power difference is very little.
Flamethrower has more PP which is better in-game.
In Double and Triple battles though, it only hits one Pokemon.

Though you can also choose Heat wave as it hits both Pokemon in Double battles.
Choice is yours.

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Also, Flamethrower has 100% accuracy while Heat Wave has 90% accuracy.  You would rather have a move you know will hit than a slightly more powerful move that may miss when situation is dire
Yeah I forgot to mention it.Though that's most important.
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Honestly, ingame, more PP is better, and you're trading off 10 Base Power for 5 more PP, which is more useful. After PP Ups, Flamethrower will have 8 PP more, saving you a few trips to the Pokemon Center.