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Best fire type between them for white2?

I would suggest Darmanitan, Volcarona learns its best moves at level 70/90/100 (70 for Bug Buzz, 90 for  Hurricane and 100 for Fiery Dance) I had to use the Exp Share to overlevel my Volcarona in White 2 so that it could sweep something with Fire Spin, Gust and Struggle Bug. Once it reaches Level 60 though, it gets some better moves like Quiver Dance, Heat Wave and Silver Wind.....and Silver Wind has only 5 PP
Both can be found near Route 4, the Desert Resort and Relic Castle, however if you fail to catch Volcarona, you can't find it again until after the Pokémon league, however Darumaka can be found anytime at Route 4 and the Desert Resort.
I like volcarona myself because it has strong moves and high sp atk. Plus, its defense is higher than darmanitan's defense.
kk then I will use drmanitan

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I assume your talking about in game and not competitively so here's a summary

Volcarona- Evolves at lv 59 which is really late in game, learns all It's good moves at high levels and sucks until it evolves. Can learn Fly.
Darmanitan- Evolves Early at level 35, Learns powerful fire and fighting type moves at the mid 30's. And can learn strength.

Edit: So now that ive seen your team you already have a bug type as gavantulla is bug electric so I would advise using Darmanitan

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Yeah, but you can get a level 35 Volcarona in Relic Castle before the League.
Both are viable in-game, it just depends on your team.
My team will be samurot,joltik,haxorous,scrafty,braviary and ???
Even if you get the Relic Castle Volcarona, it's stuck with weak moves for longer than Darmanitan is.
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Okay, I'm not sure if you have already decided which one you are going to choose, but from experience I will tell you this:

Both Pokemon are very good, so I'm going to go over them one at a time.

First, Darmanitan. Darmanitan is mostly known for his incredible Attack (140). Other than that nothing else is that noteworthy, his HP is pretty good, and his Speed is average. Everything else is pretty poor, with his Special Attack, Special Defense and Defense way below 60. Overall, his ability and moveset aren't bad at all, and he ends up learning some great moves like Superpower, Overheat, Flare Blitz and Belly Drum, personally, I would say Darmanitan would be better for In-Game, as it helps you through many challenges in B,W,B2,W2.

Secondly, we have Volcarona. Volcarona has become a very popular Pokemon due to his spectacular Special Attack (135, not quite as good as Darmanitan's 140 but still very good!), and its great Special Defense, as well as about average Speed. Its Attack isn't nearly as good as Darmanitan's, but it's HP is getting close. Overall, Volcarona would work better as a Post-Game Pokemon. His stats do surpass Darmanitan's, however in game it is far harder to obtain Volcarona, as for Darmanitan you could either raise a Darumaka, or use the Rage Candy on a statue outside the Relic Castle. Volcarona also learns some very great moves throughout leveling up, such as Bug Buzz, Fiery Dance and Quiver Dance.

Both these Pokemon are very impressive, and both would make a great addition to a team. In the end, Volcarona stats do surpass Darmanitan's, however they both have decent abilities, and a good learnset. The choice between Darmanitan and Volcarona might even depend on how much you like Attack over Special Attack or vice versa.

Here is a link to a site that contains a comparison between the two Pokemon, as well as stats and their complete learnset.


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Volcarona has higher stats overall and its SplAtk is just brute force with bug and fire STAB attacks. Moreover, the larvesta egg you receive and the volcarona you find in relic castle both have IVs, natures and personalities that all complement their SplAtk (at least it was so for me), so it makes them further cooler.
I'd go with Volcarona as a post-game Pokemon, for as the others have suggested, it evolves and learns nice moves only later.

EDIT: Darmanitan is a fire Pokemon with known for its great attack stat. It is a bit more crafty to use than Volcarona because if you go for a relic castle Darmanitan which has Zen Mode as its ability, it'd be able to switch suddenly from attack moves to special attack moves on your opponent the moment your hp drops below 50%. Also, its stats would rise to almost equal Volcarona's (but only while its hp is less than half!). Or, you could simply make a Darmanitan with Sheer Force ability and use powerful Attack based ground and fire STAB attacks.
The Sheer Force Darmanitan is a great pre-game Pokemon, so it can get you through all non-competitive challenges quite easily :)

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Darmanitan is a pure fire type
Other than that why would you give an answer to a 5 year old question? xD
Hey, my bad. But why'd you comment on a 5yo question? XD