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Sometimes when I use fiery dance on my opponents then it says that volcarona has turned away . How is this possible .Not only this but when I fought with the second gym leader it said volcarona began to nap is this possible and now it says volcarona is loafing around and then it says volcarona is pretending to take no notice. The game is BLACK 2

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Thats because you have too few badges to make it obey you. Certain badges allow you to get certain Levels to obey you. You need to obtain all badges, since this Volcarona is Level 100.

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Loool, it's so funny when noobs do that. There's even a meme about it xD
Is that possibe? Even with egg moves, volcarona can't learn fiery dance till level 100
wow noobs using lvl 100 to beat game?
lvl up 10 times for noobness
and larvesta can learn fiery dance at lvl 1
by getting 2 lvl 100 volcarona 1 female and 1 male
then u breed them together when they both have fiery dance
and there u have it a lvl 1 larvesta with fiery dance