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Like if you defeat Volcarona and then defeat the Eilte 4, will it come back at a higher level like the Swords of Justice?

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In Pokémon Black and White there is only one Volcarona at Level 70 in Relic Castle and if you defeat it you will not have another shot to capture it (that's why it's best to save the game before you interact with Special or Legendary Pokémon kids!)

But in Pokémon Black and White 2 despite there still being one Volcarona if you defeat it on the first encounter, you will get another shot to capture it when you have defeated the Elite 4 and Champion and have been entered in the Hall of Fame. On the first encounter Volcarona will be at Level 35 and on the second encounter it will be at Level 65.


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But you can still evolve Larvesta from the egg in route 18.
Yeah but I never said that if you defeat Volcarona in Relic Castle there wasn't another way to get it, I just said that if you defeat Volcarona in Relic Castle in Black and White you won't get another chance of capturing it.
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No,But it is somewhat of a legendary....I think

i think its a pseudo-legendary... maybe?
^ The pseudo legend of unova is hydreigon, I think. so volcarona cant be the pseudo legend of unova can it? :l
well metagross and salamence are pseudo legendaries of hoenn but to be a pseudou have to be a third stage evolution which volcarona isnt
@Lupus not necessarily; a pseudo-legendary Pokemon is merely a non-legendary Pokemon with a base stat total of 600 or above (as it has the power of a legendary but isn't one = pseudo-legendary/fake-legendary) it just so happens that all pseudo-legendaries belong to a 3-stage evolution line. Volcarona therefore is not a pseudo-legendary as it does not have a base stat total of 600 or above.