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I'm pretty sure it's 0 badges:1-10, 1st badge: up to 20, 2nd badge: up to 30, 3rd badge: up to 40, 4th badge: up to 50, 5th badge: up to 60, 6th badge: up to 70, 7th badge: up to 80, 8th badge: up to 90, and then beating the champion makes all Pokémon obey you, correct me if I'm wrong.

I assume that all the badges make the same levels obey you, if not, give me all gens, thanks, also, say if I am right and all the badges make the same levels obey for every game.
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Lmfao, in pokemon swsh, it's so easy to get lvl 100 pokemon before champion cup. I did this and all my pokemon obeyed me. I'm fairly sure levels are just from trades.

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The level requirements in order to a traded Pokemon to obey you differs from game-to-game. But beating the 8th gym make all traded Pokemons to obey you.

In RBY and FRLG,

Cerulean City gym: lvl 30
Celadon City gym: lvl 50
Saffron City gym: lvl 70
Viridian City gym: lvl 100

In Johto games,

Violet City gym: lvl 20
Azalea City gym: lvl 30
Ecruteak City gym: lvl 50
Cinnabar Town gym (GSC): lvl 70
Olivine City gym (HGSS): lvl 70
Blackthorn City gym: lvl 100


Dewford Town gym: lvl 30
Lavaridge City gym: lvl 50
Fortree City gym: lvl 70
Sootopolis City gym: lvl 100

In Sinnoh Games:

2 Badges: lvl 30
4 Badges: lvl 50
6 Badges: lvl 70
8 Badges: lvl 100

In Unova games, ORAS, and LGPE,

1 badge: lvl 20
2 badges: lvl 30
3 badges: lvl 40
4 badges: lvl 50
5 badges: lvl 60
6 badges: lvl 70
7 badges: lvl 80
8 badges: lvl 100

In Kalos and Galar games,

1st badge: lvl 30
2nd badge: lvl 40
3rd badge: lvl 50
4th badge: lvl 60
5th badge: lvl 70
6th badge: lvl 80
7th badge: lvl 90
8th badge: lvl 100


Hope this helps :)

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Also I think the Kanto and Hoenn games have difference obedience levels. Like RBY has different levels compared to LGPE.
What about the Hoenn games? I don't think the first badge affects obedience in RSE.
But the link says otherwise.
The link says "Level 20: Stone Badge (ORAS)".
Oops! My bad! Sorry again!