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I'm playing Omega Ruby, and I'm entering Route 20 for the first time. I looked at Serebii, and it said that's where you get your starter's Mega Stone, but all my Pokémon are exactly more than halfway through level 34. I'm trying to make them evenly leveled, is this a good level to be at at this point in the story, or should I train more/am ahead?

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I'm assuming we all know this, but just in case, the Hoenn starters evolve into their final stage at level 36, which is the main reason I'm asking this q, should I have the starter final stage, when I get the starter final stage mega stone, as well as my other Pokémon being at that level.

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I would definitely recommend leveling up your Pokémon some more to make Winona easier, as her Pokemon are 33-35. On your first trip to Route 120, you encounter trainers with levels 31-34 and wild Pokemon 24-27 (Excluding hoardes). So, I would recommend getting getting your Pokémon to level 37-38 before Winona (It should come relatively easy, considering the Gym Trainers having Level 30ish Pokémon). It also lets your starter Mega Evolve, which will be useful.
Source for levels: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Appendix:Omega_Ruby_and_Alpha_Sapphire_walkthrough/Section_11

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No problem!
From my experience even if you made a 6 Pokemon team all the same level like, if it's a good competitive comp or just a good one in general, you will plow through any story mode without needing to make giga brain moves. Gen 4 is still op, nerf that Garchomp