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As in they get weaker every time you use it in succession. I know they do in contests, but I mean battles. I feel like they do but it might be superstition

I've thought this before, but this video at 38:40 makes me think that attacks stale, as the Spacial Rend from the Palkia keeps doing less damage. Yes, I know that there are low rolls and high rolls for attacks.

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No they dont
Damage calcs, in game experience, competetive experience

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Yes, it applies for some moves if used consecutively. It technically applies to every Pokemon as wll


  • If you use a move with a a base power of greater than 50, and then run out of PP and are forced to Struggle
  • All Z-moves and most Max Moves are stronger than the original move, but when you use up the Z-move/run out of Dynamax turns, the original move is usually weaker.

Moves that literally stale

Moves like Leaf Storm, Superpower, Draco Meteor, Draco Meteor, and Psycho Boost get weaker every time they are used, if you stay in. Outside of that, no.

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Ok. Guess not