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where can you find lots of shiny Pokemon in Pokemon go?

I don't think there's a definite method to finding shinies

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For the most part, finding shinies in go are random, just like anywhere else. The odds are about 1/450.

However, they do have boosted odds in raids and events, such as Community Days, which happen once per month. Community days have odds of 4%. Source

Also note, some Pokemon are shiny locked.

Source, and Experience

You can check here for more detail on the odds, but yeah, basically it's just random outside of events.

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The default shiny chance is 1/500 (0.2%).
There are also permaboosted mons with naturally higher shiny rates- typically given to Pokémon rare to spawn wild or Raid/Egg exclusive. Some legendary raids have had shiny chances as high as 1/20. Shiny Celebi is free after completing the “Distracted by Something Shiny” Special Research. :P