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I know a lot of questions have been asked similar to this, but it looks like all of those are Ice beam and Avalanche, not Ice Beam and Blizzard. I don't want to have to breed this far in game, and I need an Ice move to cover the x4 grass weakness Swampert has, which one should I pick? I'm at the Lilycove Store right now, on Blizzard, and I'm wondering if I should buy it, or wait to find Ice Beam in the sunken ship?

Or, apparently Ice Punch as well is good... should I get that?
Nevermind, I just realized that I think that's breeding too, so not that one.
If useful, I'm playing ORAS

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Ice Punch beyond a shadow of a doubt. Swampert has a higher Attack stat, meaning Ice Punch will do more most of the time. When it's a Mega, its Attack is gigantic, further reason as to why the physical Ice Punch is better.

Unfortunately, Ice Punch is a post game move on Battle Resort. Therefore, between Ice Beam and Blizzard, use Ice Beam. It has higher accuracy and an excellent base power.

Hope I helped!

I'll go with Ice Beam
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There certainly are better moves, but going between Ice Beam or Blizzard use Ice Beam in singles and Blizzard in doubles.

okay, thanks