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What X said about no one getting STAB Explosion for Gens 1-2 is true. But techincally, it can be possible for a normal type to get STAB Explosion in Gens 1-2 if a Normal type uses Explosion when called by the move Metronome.

Normal type Pokemon that can learn the move Metronome and have a high base attack are Snorlax and Granbull.

Source: Logic

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I was going to say that.
Snorlax doesn’t learn Metronome in Gens 1 and 2, only in Gen 4 and above. also you forgot to mention Chansey.
Snorlax can get Metronome in Gen 1 since Metronome was a TM in Gen 1. You can then transfer a Snorlax with Metronome from Gen 1 to Gen 2. Also, I didn't list Chansey because it has a rather.... pitiful base attack. I only listed the two Pokemon who had >100 base attack.