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Team rocket are the only people who can ruin the trainers pokemon dream! But who is the leader?

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The leader of team rocket is giovanni you can not battle him in hg ss.

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Actually you can if you got the event Celebi.
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Actually, in HG/SS, without Celebi, the leader is Archer. But in all other kanto only games, its Gionnavi. Though Tectnically, Team Rocket is still led by Gionnavi but hes not really commanding them so hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................im going to say in HG/SS, without The Celebi, the leader is Archer because he makes all their plans. Second in Command of team Rocket in HG/SS would Have to be Petrel, because you see him the most and is sent on the most missions by Archer. Anyway, Hope this Helps!!:)

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Thats hard theres lots of leaders,thers govoni, archer and petrel (weird name)so its all them

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