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I heard a rumour that it is either prof. Oak or Giovanni. I think it is Giovanni if it is one of the two becuase that would mean that ash is gary's uncle or fatherO_O. I heard that it was appearantly revealed that ash's mom dated giovanni as a teen. it would make sense considering they never met.

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If misty finally kissed ash, the viewers would probably double. theres no love in pokemon.
Remember who Giovanni's son actually is? Your rival in HG/SS, since I believe he appears in some spin-off, then that likely means that he is still Giovann's son. And also, Ash's dad is supposed to not be that great of a trainer. (Also, are you saying that Ash is the result of a teen pregnancy?)

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Well I know for a fact it's not Proffessor Oak - Gary is Ash's cousin, and Prof. Oak is gary's Grandfather, so it would be impossible for Oak to be Ash's dad. Thats all I know, sorry.

Mmmm. looked on serebii and no, I it looks like gary IS'NT ashs cousin. I still know its not proffessor Oak
It isnt either
He appears with a rapidash so it isnt Giovanni
or oak
In a Pokemon episode they show Ash and his dad name is unknown to me:/