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It looks like something you'd expect from a movie like spirited away, it doesn't look as good as the xyz Ash.

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Game Theory is not an accurate source of information and you probably shouldn't be using them as a source (you weren't but you know what I mean).
yeah, I know. If I had actually tried to answer this question, I might have double-checked a few things. But, we shall never know.
Matpat's videos are the last place I'd go to for researching anything Pokemon related. Especially the more recent ones. The Gary's Raticate video made me cringe the entire time, and that was when I still enjoyed Game Theory regularly.
Lets keep on topic bois
ummm... pretty sure that wasn't "recent". also, yeah, yeah, we all know that "it's just a theory", but when he specifically mentions his source, which he is directly quoting, his evidence is reliable

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Two reasons:

Soft-Reboot, which essentially means they're going back to basics and trying out new styles both in animation/art design and storytelling, but they don't want to start from the very beginning. The SM anime artstyle more closely resembles the artstyle used in the first run of the Pokemon manga, which is likely where the inspiration came from.

Easier to animate. Simpler character designers are easier to animate in complicated ways. Even if you think that the older designs looked nicer, they also resulted in the character's movements looking basic and stiff, while simpler designs allow for more complex and expressive movement, resulting in the show looking better in movement.

It's nothing to do with Pokemon but this clip here illustrates exactly what I mean when I talk about complex character designs stifling movement, and making easier character designs makes movement more fluid and expressive.

this new ash is cannonically a different person.
that ash still references catching Tauros and obviously is friends with Brock, so Ash's history is relatively intact.
Didn’t Ash say he was going to Kanto to “start over again” at the end of XYZ?
but X, Mr. Mime of Ash's mom won a lottery card while Ash was in Kanto. /:
Oh ok lol
I heard somewhere that when sun and moon was being made, the Pokemon Company was trying to compete with Yo-Kai Watch. This character from Yo-Kai Watch has a purpose similar to Ash's rotom dex, it even has that black area rotom has between it's eyes: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/p__/images/8/88/Tumblr_static_abwjegb9gm0c0s8gk04ck4cg.png/revision/latest?cb=20161112190005&path-prefix=protagonist. I'm not sure if this is true though.
I think we'll have a new kanto season for Pokemon let's go starring that ash, while they use a different ash to do sun/moon