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The Pokedex says it doesn't mean harm. However, you have the completely evil one in Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time.

Completely random question, I know. I'm just wondering.

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I'm sure it was just a plot point in the anime special to depict an Antagonist. xD

However, even in the main series right now, in the Sinnoh Championship, the guy with a Darkrai seems pretty evil, and the Darkrai itself doesn't look too nice. :P

I think, while Darkrai is probably a well-natured Pokemon, its image depicts evil and mean to screenwriters.

For Explorers of time I was more talking about the game. However, I am sure it is all the same. So, Darkrai is like most Pokemon then, if the trainer is evil they can be considered more evil than other Pokemon.
I've stopped watching the TV series back around the 6th Gym leader in Hoenn. But I have a question: How are there multiple legendaries? I really don't think there are two Darkrai. Also, how did some guy get a Darkrai?
Well, the coelocanth, an ancient fish said to be extinct for over 100 million years, was discovered in the 20th century. Recently, a small school of about 500 Coelocanth were found off the coast of Africa. Because they are so scarce, and hold historic significance because of their lizard-like fins, they are deemed a "legendary" fish.

Same with the Pokemon. In the games, they're unique, but in the anime, they are extremely scarce, and have cultural, Religious, and/or historic meaning. Ever notice how all of the legends, even in the older seasons, were based around Legendary Pokemon?

It's for these reasons that both Pokemon, and animals, are deemed legendary, even if they aren't unique.
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In the movie rise of darkrai it's not that bad
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I would say that Darkrai is an unintentional villain.
From reading the manga The Rise of Darkrai I would agree that he (I call Darkrai he because I see him as a masculine character) doesn't mean to cause harm, and that he doesn't want to hurt people.
You may want to read the description in the link I sent or read the manga itself, it is based off of the movie.
I don't have any answer, but I can offer my opinion. Reading the manga may help on your view of Darkrai.
Hope it helps!

PS: also, I read this fan comic on Deviantart called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Victory Flare. has a good story and it also explains Darkrai's actions. you must binge read it!

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I've seen the movie, darkrai saved a girl and sacrificed itself to stop dialga and palkia
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The Dark type can be translated into Japanese as (あくタイプ) the Evil type. As for your concern with Darkrai, its appearance and abilities suggest it is based on the concept of nightmares. In the "Rise of Darkrai" film, it saved a child and stopped a feud between Dialga and Palkia. So, even though it looks evil, it technically isn't.