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i just wanna know if its a wall who is able to outspeed some pokes

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I consider "outspeed some pokes" as over 100 or 100 base speed.

Non-Legendary HP/DEF/SP.DEF/SPE

Leafeon- Pys.wall 65/130/65/95
Klinklang- Pys.wall 60/115/85/90
Durant- Pys. wall 58/112/48/109
Drapion- pys.wall 70/110/75 /95
Cryognal- Sp.wall 70/30/135 /105
Tentacreul-Sp.wall 80/65 /120 /100


Lugia- Mixed wall 106/130/154/110
Cobalion- Pys.wall 91/129/72/108
Arceus-Mixed wall 120/120/120/120
Latias- Sp.wall 80/90/130/110
Virizion -Sp.wall 91/72/129/108

I hope this helped~ (some might not be a wall, just very high in def/sp.def)

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Yeah, a few of them are not walls, but l guess this is the best way to answer that question!