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I don't know much about demos, is it a game in and of itself, or like a trailer game to S/M, or do I go somewhere to play it, please explain. The reaseon I'm asking is because I want an Ash-Greninja. Also, in another answer it said the doc would transfer it, did that mean transfer it to the demo, or transfer it to a S/M game, because I want it in my S/M game. Thanks so much!

I'm pretty sure you can still download it from the eShop.
You download it on the eshop which I did in 2019 so i would think you can still play it.
What's an e-shop? is it like an online store, like the App Store? sorry if I sound dumb, I know nothing about demos.
The eShop on the DS allows you to purchase games and the like digitally. I think the demo is free.
Yeah it’s like the 3ds app store
Okay, I'll see if I have access to it, and what about the second half of my question.
I don't have a clue what the second half is even asking.
It's asking if the Ash-Greninja is transferred to Sun and Moon, or to the demo, and then you have to trade it to S/M, because I have issues with trading on my 3DS, and it doesn't work for my Sun game.

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Yes, the demo is still available. I even have it on my 3ds right now

The demo basically an introduction to the gameplay like how stuff works, what you can expect and other details. It is a separate app that you can download from the nintendo eshop. Think of the eshop as a 3ds equivalent of steam. Just scroll thru the stuff on your 3ds and look for the one that has the word 'eshop' in it. It's icon should look like an orange bag. Just tap on the search bar and type in 'sun and moon demo' and download the app that matches the same name. Once it is installed, play thru it

If your only goal is to get Greninja, then play thru the demo until you finish the trial, in which case you can find the professor in the Pokemon center and talk to him so you can send Greninja over to your sm game. I'm not sure if you can do other stuff after the trial but I do know that you can send the Greninja to the main sm game after finishing the trial so that should be your only goal

Important thing you have to remember is that the demo is separate from the sm game. You can only send the Greninja to your main sm game once and you pick it up in the Pokemon center in the main game. It's basically one Greninja per save file

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Thanks so much, and thanks for BAing my answer by the way!
Youre welcome
No good... the you need to have internet to make the eshop work, and mine has issues, so it wouldn't give me access to the e-shop... ah well, it's not that big a deal.
Well, it's an online shop so...