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So I've had a Pokemon.com account for a while. I haven't used it, but I've had my email preferences set so they'll email me their newsletters and such, which should allow me to get a demo code. However, I have not received a demo code though my email. In most areas apart from a couple of American cities, it's October 22, which is well past the date they said they'd send the codes (October 20). So I'm wondering if this is their mistake and the codes haven't been sent yet, or if they're only giving these codes to American members.

And yes, I know for sure I had the right email set and that I had my preferences set correctly, if you're going to ask me.


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Yes they have

But I think you must have your country set to a north American country (USA or Canada), but I'm not sure.

Source: I got it lawl (my country is set as Canada)

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Yay Australia gets nothing. :D
I can't get the demo T.T
They send a newsletter? Damn that's fancy.
Nintendo is extremely biased!!! The only thing they had to do was send an e-mail, and they were too lazy, I guess it figures. They could have easily sent the mail which would encourage even more people to buy OR/AS.

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