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Using moves such as Sheer Cold or Destiny Bond do not count.

Any pokemon that manage to boost its offensive stats to max and hit an enemy with a move that isn't four times resist to that move
Does "anything" include Sturdy holders, Focus Sash holders, Prankster Substitute users, and Mimikyu?

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There's no Pokémon who can OHKO everything.
It would make competitive Pokémon too unfair. Plus there is sturdy Pokémon, mimikyu, focus sash, to a lesser extent focus band,
Pokémon with lots of defence like tangrowth, big special defense like chansey etc.
Few Pokémon with abilities like teravolt and moves like sunsteel strike ignore abilities, but can't take on focus sash and big defenses.
Thus in conclusion, it would be too unfair so such Pokémon don't exist yet.
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Don’t forget that the opponent can have defense boosts.
Pokemon with offense boosts will be countered out by defense boosts.
Yeah? That’s what I meant. Defensive boosts can cancel out offensive boosts.
Don't forget Eiscue. (Along with Mimikyu)
Eiscue’s ice face only blocks physical attacks.