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Like as long as the other Pokémon is from my country can Ditto be say german? (My country is USA) this is for USUM

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Primal i’m MORE confused now. Are you saying that i’ve maybe wasted 2 days of breeding because my Ditto ( from a foreign country )  might have an English name?
It’s as simple as breeding two Pokémon from two different languages. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the name is, there is a little black rectangle that says what language it is, and if two Pokémon don’t share the same one the masuda method will work when you breed them. You don’t even have to breed a ditto in the first place, it can be any two Pokémon that can breed and are from different languages.
As long as the Pokemon originate from 2 different countries, Masuda Method will work.  So, you can't have a Japanese Ditto and a Japanese Torchic for instance.  Now, let's say that the Torchic is German and the Ditto is still Japanese.  The Masuda Method will work because they originate from 2 different countries.
Well I made certain that the dinner I got from  GTS was from a different country  I literally use so I did that as an option when I was looking  so that means I should be good?  The other Pokémon I’m using  Bljndoom it’s when I can’t myself
Thank you J that’s goid guess i can stop   Procrastinating  And go back to Akala i freaked out when i realized the Diftl was  foreign   But may not have necessarily been Japanese

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As long as both the Pokemon are of different languages, the Masuda Method will work.


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This answer is incorrect. It's not a necessity that "both the Pokemon are foreign" -- they only need to have different language tags, one of which may not be foreign.
To explain the difference more clearly: this answer implies that if you play an English game and you breed an English Pokemon with a German Pokemon, then Masuda method won't work. That is not true.
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“The Masuda method involves breeding two Pokémon created in games of different languages.”

If the two Pokémon are of any different language, the Masuda method works. They don’t even have to be from your game, and it doesn’t even have to be ditto.

Source: Bulbapedia and experience

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No. If both parent Pokemon are foreign then the masuda method will work



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This answer isn't accurate either, as above: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/382827/#c382862
It's not needed for both parents to be foreign.