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Hey, I've completed most of the missions assigned by the old guy in Eterna City for the underground. I've made my base but I haven't done the capture the flag mission which requires another person who has platinum. Well back to my question, I found some fossils I went to the scientist in Oreburgh City to turn them into Pokemon but he just tells me "If it is a Fossil that you obtain, bring it to me if you must" but then that's all, I'm not given an option that allows me to turn the fossils into Pokemon. Also, I've collected some heart scales and I went to the move maniac (reteaches previous moves) and when I talk to him he tells me to come back when I have heart scales. I have the items but it's like they won't recognize them. Is there something that I haven't done like the last mission? Does anybody know why this is happening?

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You have a separate bag when exploring the underground than you do above ground, and you need to move the items manually to your main bag. While underground, press X to open the menu, go to your bag, then select the item you want to move, and there should be an option to move it.

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Oh perfect. Thanks!
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