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I'm working on a Living Dex in Ultra Sun, and I want to know what Pokemon it's going to be impossible to get (if anything). I have the following games I can use:

  • Ultra Sun
  • Sun
  • Omega Ruby
  • Y
  • Black 2

I'm able to use Poke Bank and Poke Transporter. I'm able to get some Mystery Gifts on Black 2 via the DNS exploit. If a Pokemon would be impossible to get only after something else happens (e.g. choosing Oshawott locks you out of Snivy and Tepig in Black 2), please specify that I can get all three, but in reality only one can be obtained if I don't reset my game. I'd like to see how far I can get before having to trade with someone and/or cheating for the unobtainables.

Thanks in advance.

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What about Ultra Space Wilds, because you can get a lot of random pokemon and legendaries that way as well
...You can use the Ultra Space Wilds to find Pokemon, so why wouldn't I use them?
Well, you said no Mirage Spots, so I just assumed, I'll fix it though.
No, I said that if you can FIND a Pokemon in Mirage Spots, don't include it. For example, Purugly and Cherrim (and thus their pre-evolutions) can only be found through Mirage Spots. They can still be found within one of the games I have, so they wouldn't be included in the unobtainable Pokemon list that I'm asking for.
Ah, sorry, gotcha.

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These are all the Pokemon you can't get with the games you have(this includes forms and regional variants):
**All Unova, Kalos, Hoenn, and Alolan starters and mascot legendaries that you didn't pick, or didn't have the mascot for.(This obviously requires trading or reseting)

White Kyurem(unless you trade your Reshiram from US to B2, and use your Kyurem there, using GTS)
Latias(If you don't have the event item)
Eletrivire, if you decide not to trade, the item's available, but you would have to trade
Alolan Sandshrew
Alolan Sandslash
Dawn Wings Necrozma

Note, if you pick Archen in B2 and Aurorus in Y, this list will apply, otherwise, them and their evolutions should be considered added. This list also doesn't include all Pokemon that can be obtained through breeding, Poke pelago, or Pokemon that can only be obtained in the Gens/Regions you don't have, I, II, VIII. If you want I could include these.

Source: Cross referencing every Version exclusive Pokemon page with the locations page of those Pokemon, as well as Serebii, as it includes some things this site doesn't(Fossil Man in Twist Mountain, since he gives you the fossils, not the Pokemon, and 0RAS Legendaries through the Mirage(Lake Spirts, etc) also, Knowlege(I've played Sun and OR before)

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Your welcome! Took me a while to do, but it was worth it! :)