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What do you mean? Most resistances and coverage by type?
No, just resistances and immunities for Defense, and Super Effectives, and least amount of resistances for Offense. By least amount of resistances I mean, if it where to use a STAB Move, which one would have the least chance of it being not very effective or no effect.
Kind of like this q, but with specifically the type exclusive pokemon.
I think its water-steel, which is the type of Empoleon.
How do you know this?
@Shadow Do you want me to put this question back on the unanswered list?
I know this because i checked on the type chart board
You're supposed to be sure of your answers before answering the question, and you only addressed one part of the question.

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Offensively, Fighting/Ghost (Marshadow) is a completely unresisted combination.

Defensively, Steel/Electric (Magnezone, Togedemaru) has the most resistances, being 11. As for the most immunities (ingnoring abilities), Ghost/Steel (Aegislash), Ghost/Ground (Palossand, Runerigus, Golurk), Ghost/Flying (Drifblim), Ghost/Dark (Sableye, Spritomb), and Ghost/Fairy (Mimikyu) are all tied for three.

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Fighting ghost is resisted by normal ghost.
But no Normal/Ghost Pokemon exist.
Well now we have Hisuian Zoroark which is normal and Ghost.