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FRLG, HGSS, BW2, and ORAS(Not sure if BW2 counts as a re release). Also, if not, where there any references to these re releases in the region that was new at the time of the re release.(For example, a referance to ORAS in XY)?

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I don't think there are, but I just wanted to make sure...
There was this for ORAS, which isn't part of the anime, but it is an animated short to go along with the release of ORAS. That's as far as my knowledge goes, however.
I can't watch youtube anyway, but that's cool. That's probably something I should say, just as a general rule of thumb, it would be great if no one would answer my questions with links, unless it's serebii, that's the one thing I can access. Anyway, so no youtube video answers, probably what would be best would be to either, do what HT did and explain what the video is so I understand, or list the episode name if it has a reference to a remake(snd obviously, say the reference), or say if there's a whole part of the anime devoted to one of the remakes.
There’s also the mega evolution specials for XY, Primal Groudon and Kyogre are in one of the episodes https://www.serebii.net/anime/epiguide/specials/039.shtml
There was special episodes referecing remakes: Lyra appear in the DP series referencing HGSS, the battle frontier season reference FRLG and Emerald, the mega evolution specials reference ORAS, and Ash reuniting with Gary and his Infernape in Journeys reference BDSP

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Most seasons of the anime are set in the regions of the non-remake games for its generation. However, one season of the anime, Battle Frontier, was set back in Kanto. It focuses on Ash going through the Kanto Battle Frontier (who'd have guessed). This must reference FireRed/LeafGreen due to the locations being spread throughout the Kanto region instead of a small island in Hoenn.


  • There are some episodes referencing remakes, however none go to the lengths the Battle Frontier season did.
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no problem!
I belive oras had a few special editions episodes featuring the primals
Or maybe that was a movie idk, bjt it was a thing
Could you possibly find a serebii link for the "referencing remakes" link, because I cannot use Bulbapiedia.
i bet they probably did, i was just giving an example
here's an old serebii forum post talking about the episode i linked (DP143, "An Egg Scramble!")
thanks flareon!