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Traveling through the Pokémon world, i quickly noticed that Pokémon are the only animals around. Which leads me to wonder, who’s eating Pokémon? Someone has to be. The whole of the Pokémon world can’t be vegan. Someone is out there eating exotic Pokémon for lunch. Businessmen sit down for fancy meals to discuss deals and mergers over plates of fried Charizard and fillet of Magikarp.

Miltank = Hamburger
Grumpig = Pork
Wailord = Some serious sushi :O

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Pokemon arnt the animals in the pokemon world you just dont see a lot of the normal animals.

But they sometimes reffer to eating pokemon.
>It is stated in multiple Pokédex entries that some Pokémon are known to eat others, such as Pidgeot swooping down to catch a Magikarp meal from the water. Humans have also been implied to eat Pokémon, with the player's mother's Cinnabar Volcano Burgers and Team Rocket's plot to sell Slowpoketails as a sweet treat in Generation II and Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Farfetch'd itself is based on a specific manner for preparing a meal of duck, with its rarity in the wild being a result of overhunting. Several of the Sinnoh myths also mention eating Pokémon, saying that they will be born again if their bones are picked clean and returned to where the Pokémon was found.-Source

and just for kicks here is a video of actual animals in the pokemon episodes. Here is another.

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Cherubi's Pokémon Diamond Pokédex entry describes its appendage as being "very sweet and tasty," possibly confirming that Cherubi's ball can be safely consumed by humans.-Bulbapiedia
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Ash & Brock imagining a Magkarp meal.

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Yes, Ash has eaten a Fried Magikarp in the Episode The Flame Pokemon-athon! Here is Picture: http://i.imgur.com/qXh2O.jpg

Poor Magikarp! XD

i dont think thats a real magicarp
I think it is a real magikarp
:P oh well no way to tell
I wonder If Magikarp is tasty, hmmmm........
That's what I call sucking face....
Didnt you watch the st anne episodes Meoth tries to eat magikarp and misty says its all scales and bones
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No, in the anime, humans usually eat berries, and some sort of meat, but I'm pretty sure it's not a pokemon


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