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I've been playing DA's (Dynamax Adventures) offline recently and I have noticed that whenever an NPC gets their hands on Drapion, Maractus or Pincurchin the only move they use is acupressure and rarely one of their other 3 moves.
The NPC does use it on its ally Pokemon apart from its own which is helpful but sometimes it just spams it on itself which is totally useless since the dynamaxed Pokemon we're up against will do that "nullified stat changes and abilities" in the 3rd-4th turn of battle. I would also prefer that Pokemon to attack instead of constantly spamming a status move mostly on itself.

Game Freak didn't make the NPC's operate very well. For example, an NPC will use "Reflect" on a Pokemon who only has special attacks. AND WHY WITH THE ACUPRESSURE SPAMMING?!
Also when a Pokemon knows the move "Entertainment" it will spend 3 turns changing its ally Pokemon's abilities to that of its own. The ability "Plus" is alright but "Water Absorb" is useless (Unless we're up against a water type).

The AI isn’t very smart I suppose
There are so many awful teammates in offline Dynamax battles that I'm surprised you're annoyed by this one in particular.
Martin's Solrock
Rock Polish go brrrrrrr
Fizz, I have had a terrible NPC battle experience with acupressure.

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The AI isn't smart, like Primal said. Also, I think they spam Acupressure to boost your stats.

Acupressure chooses one of the target's stats at random and raises it by two stages. It can raise either the target's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, accuracy or evasion stats. (Via Bulbapedia)

It can be nice to have your stats boosted to help defeat the Dynamax Pokemon, but it is way too gimmicky to be actually useful. Game Freak thought Acupressure would be helpful, but it can hinder you at times, or be useless. These are the only reasons I can think of. I hope I've helped!

Sources: Bulbapedia and experience

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