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I'm trying to get a mareep in Pokemon crystal, but it's exclusive to gold and silver. I was wondering if it's possible to transfer a mareep from Pokemon gold or silver to Pokemon crystal.

Edit: I'm not talking about trading Pokemon between cartridges. I'm using the virtual console versions, and I'm wondering if I can transfer them through Pokemon transfer or something.

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Depends, is this an emulator, or the actual game on a gameboy?
You can trade between any game of the same generation, (I believe there was region locking in previous generations, so it might not be possible between two cartridges from two different countries) so yes.
I'm using the virtual console versions on the 3DS. Does that work?
Unless this is an emulator, in which case, trading is impossible, also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure for the old games, you had to have a special device besides two gameboys.

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Yes, I'm that should work, either have two virtual consoles, or get a friend to trade one to your crystal game if you don't have a second console.
Source: Trading Knowledge and this https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/327641/can-trade-pokemon-between-red-and-crystal-the-virtual-console#:~:text=2 Answers&text=The Virtual Console releases of,Game Boy Game Link Cable.

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Look at the third paragraph in the link, of the first answer. Also, when possible, if you feel like this satisfies you, please BA. if you don't know how, simply click the green checkmark in the corner of an answer. Also, late welcome to pokebase!
Thank you, but I'm still confused about something. You mentioned that I need two virtual consoles. Does that mean two separate DS's or both of the virtual console games? Because I only have one DS but have both crystal and gold on it.
Two seperate DS's. Trade with a friend who has the console, give him your gold, and have him trade with you, then take back the gold, that's the only way. Of course, if he already has a Gold and is willing to trade that works too.
Is this also the only way to transfer Pokemon from gen 1 games to gen 2 games?
With your console, I'm pretty sure yeah
I mean, technically I think you could use Global Trading System and such apps, but other than that no.