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For example,
If someone used a fire move on Flareon, would the ability only work for that one turn or would it have its power until the user faints?


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Flash Fire's boost ends when the battle ends, when the ability holder switches out, or when its ability is suppressed (Gastro Acid) or changed to something that isn't Flash Fire, such as if Houndoom Mega Evolves after sopping up a fire move. Other than that, it continues with no limit to its duration.

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It’s a 50% boost while using Fire moves, as long as it doesn’t switch out. It’s not a pure +1 to SpA so it’s its own boost.

So, it lasts until you switch out or you faint.
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonVGC/comments/fdwk0i/flash_fire_mechanics/

Alright, thanks.
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