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I am having trouble picking the best fighting type move for my Gallade. This is a causal playthrough. I am about to go into the Team Flare Base in Geosenge Town. (Right after the 7th gym) I don't know if I should use Close Combat or Brick Break or any other good move. The moveset for the Gallade is:

Gallade @Mind Plate
Bashful Nature (I don't really care what nature it is)
No EV's (This is a playthrough, I am not going to have EV's)
Psycho Cut
Leaf Blade
Swords Dance
Best Fighting type move



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Since Brute force is the way to go in-game, I'd say that Close Combat is the move of choice for you here. Although you have the Defenses drop, it won't matter after a Swords Dance. Because of this result of a OHKO after a +2 Close Combat, I'd say this is the best move for Gallade.

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