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  • What are the most threatening sweepers to pass to?
  • What are the best Baton Passers for Def, SpD, Atk, SpA, and Spe boosts?
  • What are the best Passers of other common effects, such as Focus Energy, Ingrain, Aqua Ring, etc? Are these even needed/useful for a full Baton Pass team?
  • Which Pokemon most effectively deal with phazers and hazard setters (I assume a Pokemon with Magic Bounce)?
I don't have enough info to post a full answer, but:
- Calyrex-Shadow and Yveltal are probably the best SpA boost recipients, Zacian-Crowned for Atk, and offensive Yveltal and Kyogre for speed. I'm pretty sure passing defense and special defense is nowhere near as good as passing offensive boosts.
- With Smeargle gone, the only Baton passer I can think of that isn't niche as hell is Sub+Baton Pass+Nasty Plot Calyrex-Shadow (or quickpass for short)
- I don't think either of those other effects are necessary for Baton Pass
- I don't know about the last question

Full-on Baton Pass teams as a whole aren't that good because of the small amount of viable Passers and the high-maintenance status of these teams. You're probably better off running a single Baton Passer (Calyrex-Shadow) and 1/2 abusers (Yveltal and/or Kyogre), and the last 3-4 members of your team be standard Pokemon.
For SpA, SpD and Speed, Butterfree is an interesting option.  Send it in against something you outspeed preferably.  Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Substitute and Baton Pass.  It allows for some nice boosts.
Calyrex-S also provides some SpA boosts.
For Attack and Speed, Blaziken is a good option as well as Ninjask.
For full on baton pass annoyance, Scolipede is good for speed boosts, Malamar can Topsy Turvy opposing boosts, Espeon is good for Calm Mind and Magic Bounce, and Clefable is good for it’s good abilities, cosmic power, minimize, and calm mind.
Clef and mag have destroyed me with a baton passing caly i before :P
But caly i is niche But Clef and mag are definitely useable
Thank you all for your comments

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I asked on Smogon and here's what I got as a response:

BP teams are fairly hit or miss, some mu's it just autowins but others like Taunt Yveltal or a well played dynamax can just end it. That said there's still a lot of good BP options for full pass teams. I don't think it needs ingrain but it definitely helps, so Bellosom would be the best user of that. I've used bp in tours here with these 6 mons being really solid on BP in general, but other options like Bellosom, Unaware Clefable, Xatu, and Vaporeon all exist but I think you need quite a few of the things I have on that team to not lose to calyrex-s, Yveltal, Groudon, etc.

I'd say when making a BP you probably need:
Speed boost lead
Magic Bounce User
Fairy for Yveltal
off the top of my head those are super important which is why I used scoli / dub / espeon / mag, with the last 2 just shoring up harder mu's like umbreon for Double Team and Calyrex-S check and since it's a ladder team Indeedee covers for Sash Marsh and also is a good wincon. Could probably go like Bellosom or sometime else > indeedee as well, so there's options

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