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I know there will be a page for egg moves in the new version of this website,but can someone tell me a brief of it?

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Egg moves are not the same as breeding. They are moves that your pokemon can learn but not by leveling up. They are moves that a dad can pass on to his children. For exsample, take a male Corsola that knows mirror coat and breed it with a female Blastoise. Baby Squirtle will know mirror coat because it is one of its egg moves.

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A)is it baby squirtle because Blastoise has evolution chain?
b)so breeding is between a pokemon who has evolution chain and a pokemon who dont,right?
(a) Yes, you always get the pokemon at the bottom of the female's evolution chain. So breeding a female Blastoise will get you a baby Squirtle.

(b) No, breeding is between any two pokemon (one male, one female), except legendaries and a couple other exceptions. Genderless pokemon can only breed with Ditto.
Thank you veneon and pokemaster :)
now I understand
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Egg moves are moves which can be learned only throught breeding (or move tutors or TMs...or HMs). Moves are always same as father's, if able and species always same as mother's, if able.
*When male and Ditto, kid's species are father's and so does moves.
When female and Ditto, kid's species are mother's and has no egg moves.

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Because Ditto has no evolution chain?