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When Im in a random battle, I dont know their sets, and I once saw a mod using a command that shows randbats sets but I forgot. So what is the command?

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/randombattles OR /randbats [pokemon], [gen] - Displays a Pokémon's Random Battle Moves.

If you want to find what sets a Pokemon say, a Sharpedo can have in Gen 7, you would type /randombattles Sharpedo, Gen 7 or /randbats Sharpedo, Gen 7, and it will show you what moves a Sharpedo can have in a Gen 7 Random Battle. If the Pokemon you're doing it for has a mega form, it will also show you what moves the mega form can have in a Gen 7 Random Battle.

Source: Experience

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It's ~/randbats [pokemon], gen 7~
Just enter the Pokemon name in Pokemon place!
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note: the '~~' are not part of command
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