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I want to do a play through of Pokemon with the weakest Pokemon ever in the newest games so I can have a serious challenge.

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What kinds of weak Pokemon do you want? Least attack stats? Least base stat total? Learns moves with least base power?
What do you count as the "newest games?"
I want the weakest Pokemon for base stat total, in sword and shield, if not clear just leave it.
I re-opened and edited the question to include this detail. Thank you for replying.
To those looking on, I do not consider this question to break the "easily looked up" rule. No list on PokemonDB allows the user to see BSTs for only Sword/Shield Pokemon.

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Pokemon with lowest BST available in Gen 8:

/ds bst asc:
Wishiwashi, Blipbug, Snom, Azurill, Caterpie, Ralts, Cosmog, Feebas, Magikarp, Metapod...

Pokemon with lowest BST introduced in Gen 8:

/ds bst asc, gen8:
Blipbug, Snom, Rolycoly, Zigzagoon-Galar, Toxel, Nickit, Rookidee, Gossifleur, Applin, Hatenna...


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