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So the question on this site about how Compound Eyes works says that it increases the chance of a Pokemon appearing with an item by 50%. Does this mean that the chance becomes 50%, or that the chance adds 50% (like if a Pokemon had a 5% chance of holding an item it would become 7.5%.) Also, can the lead Pokemon with Compound Eyes be fainted and still have the same effect?

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In all instances except for Gen 5, Wild Pokémon have a 50% or a 5% chance to hold a Item. In Gen 5, some Pokémon have a 1% chance to hold a 3rd item in dark grass. With Compound Eyes, the odds increase from 1% to 5%, 5% to 20% and 50% to 60%.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_wild_held_item

The Pokémon can be fainted as well and still have the effect.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Compound_Eyes_(Ability)

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It still works even if the Pokémon is fainted and finding a wild Pokémon holding an item increase from 50%/5% to 60%/20%.


I don't understand what 50%/5% means. I understand that 50 goes to 60 and 5 goes to 20
That pretty much what it means.