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This feature might go unnoticed, but apparently, starting from Gen 5 (I think), Trainer cards have a "Trainer's Nature" Section on it. I am currently playing Black 2 and I was making my Trainer Card signature, when I then suddenly got reminded of the Trainer's nature.

I know about that section since the start of playing Black 2 but I never really mind about it. My first Trainer Nature was 'Hardy' but after restarting I got 'Lonely' nature instead (sad lol). I played it various times in different devices and I kept getting 'Hardy' nature, so I assume that you will only get Hardy. This time, however, I got Lonely instead.

This is my Trainer Card:


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From Generation V onwards, the player can assign a Nature to their Trainer profile. In Generation V, this is part of their Trainer Card and affects what the player will say on others' games at the Unity Tower. In Generation VI, this is part of the player's profile in the Player Search System.


Other than this, it doesn't really make an impact gameplay-wise. It's just another level of customization.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks for the help! But apparently, I don't think I saw any custom options for the Natures?
If you tap on the nature (in this case Lonely) with a stylus (or your finger), then it can cycle through all the different natures. You can do the same to the PKMN Trainer text, which would change your trainer class.
I see. Thank you!