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Started playing LGPE, however I haven't got very far cause I keep resetting for a Jolly Eevee, but I've had nearly 70 attempts and still nothing. I've gotten at least one of every other nature (keeping score) except the one that I want and I'm starting to wonder whether it's even possible anymore. Is there something I'm doing wrong or am I just very unlucky?

Update: After 79 attempts (not counting previous two that I didn't keep score) I finally got a Jolly Eevee; here's what the attempts looked like:
1 Careful/Sassy
2 Bold/Lonely/Docile/Impish/Bashful/Naïve
3 Mild/Gentle/Hasty/Adamant/Naughty/Rash
4 Modest/Calm/Lax/Brave/Serious
5 Timid/Quirky/Quiet
6 Hardy/Relaxed
AND FINALLY 1 Jolly!!!

Double saved just in case TuT

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Not a full answer but you are likely getting unlucky.
Game hates me confirmed Q_Q

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You can have a jolly natured Eevee in LGE, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten one. I simply think you’re extremely unlucky. I suggest going with Modest if you’re starting to get sick of this :P. Anyway I don’t really have a source but I’m very positive that it’s possible, just you’re not getting lucky.

Hope this helps, and good luck! :D

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Yeah I had a feeling QnQ Kept telling myself it's a 4% chance, but when you've had 6 Hardy/Relaxed natures or 5 Quirky/Quiets etc., it starts feeling like a lie XD

Thanks for the help :)
youre welcome :)

also damn i felt that ive gotten so many neutral natures on starters before and its sad
The game likes to taunt us with something we want but can't have and seriously tests your patience XD Gonna ascend to sainthood with all this patience I'm displaying
i could never :c