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Parallel swizzle (Japanese: パラレル Parallel) — Mentioned by a Roller Skater inside an office building on the western end of South Boulevard.

Drift-and-dash (Japanese: ターンダッシュ Turn dash) — Mentioned by a Roller Skater at the monument in Vert Plaza.

360 (Japanese: 360° 360) — Taught by a Roller Skater inside Café Rouleau on Estival Avenue.

Backflip (Japanese: バックフリップ Backflip) — Taught by a Roller Skater on North Boulevard, outside Hotel Richissime, below a tree.

Cosmic flip (Japanese: コスモフリップ Cosmo flip) — Can only be learned if the player can already perform all other tricks. Taught by Twirling Whirlwind in the Lost Hotel.

All of these except for the Lost Hotel are in Lumiose City. The Lost Hotel is accessible from Routes 15 and 16.

Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lost_Hotel

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