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I just now realized that the only Status Moves Rhyperior knows are Scary Face and Tail Whip(Which is impossible to get without a Heart Scale, and who would waste one on that.), anyway, what I'm saying is, the Assault Vest is a good item, it allows evolution to Rhyperior, and ups it's bad Defense stat, making it a better tank. would it be worth it not to use stat moves, especially since this is in-game, the only thing I think I'd be against would be if I needed to heal(since all healing moves are Status), but even then, is it worth it, since XY is considered the easiest, and the only way to learn a good one would be through TM anyway?


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In-game is all about hyper offense. Your Rhyperior should be fine to use an Assault Vest with his 140 base Attack; you don't need a healing move when you can spam Revives/Potions. Scary Face and Tail Whip aren't the greatest anyway, as you said.

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Okay, so it's decided, thanks Kyogre!
You're welcome