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but this question is for the gen 8 games
Reddit? Can you provide a source from anything more reliable, like Bulbapedia or Serebii?
i'm asking all of the rival's pokemon not just the starter

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No, the rivals Pokemon are predetermined just like in every other trainer battle in the entire series, (other than a few exceptions.) The only times an opposing trainer's Pokemon can be shiny are in online battles, a trainer in the Pokemon Center on Poni Island in USUM, and in the FLRG Battle Tower trainers can have a Shiny Espeon, Seaking, and Meowth

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Also, in FRLG(Not sure about RSE though)you can battle trainers with shinies in the battle tower. I know because I have FR and I fought in the battle tower and a trainer had a shiny.
I thought there was an Espeon, Seaking, and Meowth in the FRLG battle tower if I remember correctly
I think that's what it is
Yeah I think