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So in most of the Pokemon games (excluding mystery dungeon and the other games that when you battle the elite 4 and your rival does not battle you first) your rival just before you battle the elite 4 will challenge you and sometimes will appear just as you beat the champion. What I wan't to know is could he/she successfully battle and beat the elite 4 in each region? With the team In the after game battle. For example:

May and Brendan get:

See here for the elite 4 (the first time only)
Please specify how this could happen, keeping within NPC rules; use full restore when at red Hp only once for each Pokemon and have one Revive to be used in battle only. And Always start with the starter Pokemon, like brendan/mays being Swellow and then raichu etc. Ps this is for All games.


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I have 3 theories

Theory 1
What if they didn't beat the Elite 4? What is because they get a free pass to see you because they are related to someone important? No one would say anything in this case.

Theory 2 (the more likely one)
What if they have another team that isn't in the coding or just can't be found in the coding? They might just beat the Elite 4 and then switch out their teams.

Theory 3 (the obvious one)
How about this? They already beat the champion with a team that's not in or cannot be found in the coding and the one they use against you is what they are currently just training? This one seems pretty likely as they most likely won't get a free pass. They also can't just switch out teams in the middle of the Elite 4.

EDIT: They might have spammed healing items and used EXTREME strategy to beat them all as well.

Hope I helped!
-It's a secret!

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Something abou theory 2: if you havent noticed you cannot leave the elite four to change your teams whithout having to verse them again.
Read theory 3. It contradicts theory 2.
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no way,

the elite 4 would cream your rival. they were given a free pass to see the new champion not to battle. think of it this way: an athlete has to qualify to get in to the Olympics games, but they can watch in the stands regardless. if the did beat the E4 they (your rival) would challenge you in a Gary is the champion backwards way.

if you don't like that then well, only gamefreak knows.

-hope I helped.

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