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I was looking at Dizzy Punch and I realized that Ledyba and Ledian can learn it through breeding. But no Pokémon can learn it by level up that is is in the bug egg group. So how does Ledyba learn Dizzy Punch?

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Chain Breeding

Using chain breeding, you can teach Pokemon egg moves from other Pokemon's egg moves. In the case of Ledyba, you need to breed it with a Volbeat that knows Dizzy Punch as a egg move. To get a Volbeat with Dizzy Punch, you need to breed it with a Spinda or Buneary/Loppuny who knows Dizzy Punch, and they learn it from level up.


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Volbeat learns dizzy punch by breeding and is in the Bug egg group. It can learn Dizzy punch through breeding with Buneary, Lopunny, or Spinda, which share the human like egg group with it and learn Dizzy Punch by level up.
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