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I'm trying to breed Power-Up Punch on my Froakies, but I need a Wooper with Power-Up Punch first, since it's the only other Water 1 and Field Group Pokemon that can breed with Lucario. I have a male level 65 Lucario with Power-Up Punch and I tried a Female lvl 1 Wooper with Water Gun and Tail Whip.

The Wooper offspring only had Water Gun and Tail Whip. I tried moving Lucario's Power-Up Punch to its fourth slot, but that didn't work. I even evolved my Wooper into a level 22 Quagsire, but the offspring are only getting Water Gun and Tail Whip.

I checked the Power-Up Punch page, and they are compatible. I even tried finding Froakies with Power-Up Punch on the GTS. I have tried six so far, and none of them had Power-Up Punch. I just really want my Froakies to have Power-Up Punch because I breed all Pokemon with egg moves.

Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to do something extra? I have bred a female Froakie with a male Poliwrath with Mind Reader and the offspring got Mind Reader.

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Wooper eggs that know power-up punch can only be laid in USM, not Sun.

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Ugh, that sucks but thank you so much for answering.
Also thank you for the source.