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It seems like that would be an excellent stratedy for catching legendaries thta run away, wouldnt it?

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You could just catch a high-level Golbat (and evolve it into Crobat). Then you got the speed advantage and your Golbat can get their HP down.
I did that bt it didnt work as well as I thought it would

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Umbreon, Absol, and smeargle can all learn both attacks. Keep in mind some roaming legendaries like entei and raikou have roar. Another move to look at for catching them is False Swipe.

Cool, thx!!
You might also consider taunt so the wild legendaries don't use moves like roar or safeguard to make capturing more difficult.
I agree with DarkTyphlosion; Taunt can also help with super annoying legendaries that use recover as well.