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I have a Charizard in Pokémon Go but there is no option for it to Mega Evolve. It works for other Pokémon but not for Charizard. I also got it before Megas came I think. So why won’t it Mega Evolve?

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Does the mega evolution not appear at all, or does it just not let you mega evolve? If the latter, it’s because you don’t have enough Mega Energy, and if the former, is it Shadow/Purified?
It’s does not show at all, it is normal.
Could we have a picture of it?
I can’t get a picture, but it just a Charizard with no sillouhette. It knows the elite fast move dragon breath if that helps.

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You need 200 Mega Charizard energy to mega evolve it. If you have that amount of candy though, then it might be a glitch.

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It’s not candy, It’s energy and I don’t have an option for it.