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Please tell me which one is better
You see I caught a goomy and a dragonair last week .As they both are dragon types I any one of them in my party to win the tournament
As goomy final evolution is Goodra and dragonite evolution is Dragonite I want who is stronger
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What do you want to use them for? A play-through, the battle tower, online battles, or something else?
For doubles tournament

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Dragonite Pros and Cons:

  • Wide Moveset
  • Well-Rounded stats
  • Medioce Speed through
  • Gets Roost

Goodra Pros and Cons:

  • Amazing Special Defense
  • Moveset not as wide as Dragonite
  • Ok Defense and Speed
  • Evolution is a little difficult

I personally would take dragonite,

Dragonite @Anything
Ability: Inner Focus
Evs : Don’t worry about them
- Thunder Punch
- Aqua Tail
- Roost
- Fire Punch / Hurricane

Hope I helped!

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Even though this question already has been answered (https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/255361/dragonite-or-goodra), I can tell you that they both have pretty even stats, but to my personal opinion, Dragonite is an attacker (with high attack) and Goodra has a very nice special defense at 150. However, due to its below-average defense and speed, I would say that Dragonite is better. Go to the link for more information.