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Which Pokemon should I use to give me wide and varied strong water moves for making my team stronger with some ice moves and its own special typical moves and abilities? Greninja, Goodra or Dracovish?

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What do you want to do with this team? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
Can we have the rest of your team

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So let's start by evaluating each Pokemon!

- Has 3 weaknesses and 4 resistances (Sap Sipper makes 3 resistances and a Grass immunity)
- Really good SpA, 110 is great
- Has an insane 150 Special Defense, and an okay 70 Defense, as well as good HP, 90
- Has access to both Ice Beam and Blizzard
- Only main drawback is base 80 Speed, maxes out at 284. Still okay, however!

Summary: Bulky Special Attacker, maybe lacking speed.

- 5 weaknesses, 6 resistances, and a Psychic immunity
- Good speed
- 103 SpA which is good
- Defensive stats are 72/67/71, has to outspeed as it's quite frail
- Has Ice Beam, Icy Wind, and Blizzard
- Great Abilities in Protean (changes type to get STAB for every move), and Battle Bond, Ash Greninja is just so good, after a knockout, turns into Greninja-Ash and Water Shuriken always hits 5 times.

Summary: Pretty "eh" Defensive stats, but good Speed and SpA, as well as a wide Special movepool (+ Ice Beam/Blizzard/Icy Wind). Good!

- 2 4x resistances, a 2x resistance, and 2 weaknesses
- Max 273 Speed, but Choice Scarf boosts that
- Massive potential with Fishious Rend, eats teams up
- Only Ice move is Ice Fang (although it can be boosted by Strong Jaw)

Summary: Dracovish has a great Physical moveset and is an incredible Physical sweeper with Fishious Rend.

Who should you pick?

I would choose Goodra (just my opinion though)
Here's my best set, you don't have to use it (I'm not amazing at competitive), but it's my best set.

Goodra @ Life Orb / Choise Scarf
Ability: Any
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Dragon Pulse
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt / Sludge Bomb / Focus Blast / Flamethrower / Hydro Pump
- Thunderbolt / Sludge Bomb / Focus Blast / Flamethrower / Hydro Pump

Dragon Pulse is STAB, Ice Beam is a Special Ice move. Any other Special move fits well with LO. Maxed Speed and SpA EVs help Goodra become a sweeper.

Greninja and Dracovish are also good Special/Physical sweepers respectively, you can choose whichever suits you playstyle more.
Hope I helped! :D

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I hope I answered this right!
Greninja got to the Uber tier for it’s attacking skills for a reason…..you forgot to include how spectacular Protean and Battle Bond are. Also, 90 HP and 110 SpA aren’t outstanding, especially when paired with low speed.
I added choice scarf as an option to fix that :)
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If you want special moves and Ice moves, Greninja is probably the best option. It's primarily a special attacker with great coverage moves, and it gets Ice Beam and Blizzard. Ice Beam is preferred, but Blizzard can work if you use it on a hail team. Greninja's hidden ability also gives it STAB on any move it uses, which makes it an even better offensive Pokemon. Dracovish isn't a good special attacker or good with ice type moves. Its only use is sweeping with fishious rend. If you're looking for a powerful offensive Pokemon with ice moves, choose Greninja.

What do you think about goodra with water ice and dragon type moves instead greninja? What about that OverloadPow
Goodra gets Ice Beam too, capable to tank special hits and Dracovish gets Ice Fang boosted by Strong Jaw.
Yes, but greninja's much faster and its ice type moves hit much harder due to its ability protean, which gives it STAB on ice beam or blizzard.