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I am running an extremespeed,dragon claw,ice punch,brick break set and have seen a lot of Roost Dragonite sets and am wondering whether Roost would be better then extreme speed or any of the other moves

the evs are:4 HP,252 ATk, 252 speed Dragonite has weakness policy and my team is: Lugia,Dragonite,Zeraora,Cinderace,Zacian and Urshifu rapid strike

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What battle format are you playing? https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/398312/what-is-a-battle-format
Can you post the entire moveset?
This is probably for Gen 8 OU or a battle facility in-game, since the tag says Sword-Shield. The moveset seems to be Extreme Speed, Dragon Claw, Ice Punch, and Brick Break.

@Ultra Zeraora correct me if I got anything wrong.
A moveset also includes the item, ability, and EVs, not just moves. If you post the entire team that would help a lot, for example you probably wouldn't want to use Extreme Speed with Tapu Lele on your team, and maybe not Roost on hyper offense or in-game.
@celectial shadow you are correct

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It really does depend on your whole team, but Roost is better in most cases.

  • Just exactly what Spooky Terrain pointed out, any Dragonite wouldn't want to go Extreme Speed with Tapu Lele, as its Psychic Terrain blocks and negates any priority. In a HO, longevity isn't as important for offensive Pokemon, so Dragonite can pick up Extreme Speed to revenge kill weakened threats, like Weavile (that has Ice Shard).
  • With the addition of Heavy Duty Boots, Dragonite can switch into Stealth Rock and have its own Multiscale still active. So, Dragonite really appreciates Roost which can restore back to full HP and halve down any damage with Multiscale.
  • As for Extreme Speed, there's no reason to use it if it's a defensive cleric Dragonite with Heal Bell, Defog, etc. Roost is a must, so Extreme Speed isn't easy to fit at all. However, in a hyper offensive team, Extreme Speed provides with the highest priority move available, so revenge-killing is appreciated. For example, Weavile can do solid damage to Dragonite, even with Ice Shard if Multiscale is down. Extreme Speed can avoid that circumstance, as it outspeeds Ice Shard and can OHKO Weavile after a single Dragon Dance and Stealth Rock damage.

tl;dr, it depends a lot on your team, but with the current one I'd suggest this moveset:

Dragonite @ Weakness Policy / Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Earthquake
- Dual Wingbeat / Ice Punch
- Roost

This set is quite a lot different from yours, but that's because Dragon Claw and Brick Break are unnecessary. Earthquake + Ice Punch already forms the infamous BoltBeam combo, which has a wide coverage. Dragon Claw doesn't cover anything, so it's not a much needed STAB as Dual Wingbeat.

Heavy-Duty Boots allow it to switch into Stealth Rock keeping Multiscale, though if you run Defog on Lugia then Weakness Policy can be used too.

Hope this helps!

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The reason roost is ran alot is because of dragonite's ability, multiscale, which halves all damage from damage dealing moves when hp is full (passive damage isnt counted). Having roost cuts dragonite's ice weakness to 2x everytime it is used (only if it goes first) and lets it proc multiscale multiple times. Im not sure about the moveset tho since I dont use dragonite alot

i'm just wondering if extremespeed is better or not